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The manufacturing division of a 100 employee furniture company is currently not producing furniture of sufficient quality and style, in turn, not meeting the public demand for well made attractive furniture. The result is financial loss, losing the market to the competition and not meeting the public demand.

My Vision

I visualize this company offering furniture of excellent quality, craftsmanship and design to meet public demand.

My objectives are to transform the organizational structure of the company to enable us to meet the public need and to gain the knowledge and expertise required to challenge the competition.

To achieve these goals we must develop a plan.

In order to implement a plan I must effectively identify that a problem exists by realizing the three characteristics of a problem:

1- Be aware of the problem

2- Be under pressure to act

3- Have the resources to take action

The problem is that the company is producing low quality furniture that also lacks aesthetics.

Pressure exists in that we are suffering severe financial losses.

Resources are readily available through loans and sponsors.

Relevant decision criteria

Consider intensive retraining of the employees responsible for making decisions concerning material usage, design, craftsmanship and production and sales.

It is not necessary to weight the criteria due to the equal importance they hold.

Viable alternatives

As an alternative to retraining the employees, we may consider recruiting departmental decision makers who have established field experience.

Analyzing alternatives


Could be worthwhile in that the trainees would witness first hand the appropriate way to run their department, as well as allowing them to watch and grow with the progression into the techniques best suited for success. Involving them "hands on" in the change process will hopefully invoke in them a sense of pride that will be embraced...