Stereo Typing How One Should Feel?. My comments on how people stereo type others just because of their country and how should we react towards them.

Essay by syedraza70 February 2004

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Stereo Typing How One Should Feel?

Syed Raza Fayyaz

I understand almost everything is stereotyped in some way. I don't necessarily feel angry towards the people who think or believe on the stereotypes associated with Nepalese. Statistics also show that if there is any stereotype associated with someone then it has some kind of truth in it. I discovered in Maryland State that people think West Virginia is a place of extremists and rednecks. People used to ask me how we were surviving there and if someone have threaten us to kill or we were told to get out of this country. One of the major stereotype for West Virginians is also that the women are always barefoot, no shoe or lots of children. For an instance if we search on all this then there maybe some facts and figures we find to be true.

The basic stereotype associated with us is that we are rich.

Due to the cars some us have people think we are extremely rich. Now for some extent this is true. Our families are rich that's why they can afford to finance our education. But this is not in means the way people think. For example one person ask me if I have a castle back home and my dad is a king. I laugh and feel funny about this.

Most of the time we are thought as irresponsible. When a new student comes to a new place it takes sometime to settle and getting inside the normal life cycle of that place. When I came here most of the time I was sitting outside or visiting places so people start thinking he does not study and all he is do is visit and recreation. I think there are various facts involved to create...