Stereotype of the Bourgeois' Sport Club in John Lichfield's style of writing

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Posh sports clubs seem to appeal to more and more people. People applying for membership at those clubs are crazy about playing tennis and golf. Everyone seems to join in the club to show off his abilities at theses sport that are becoming more and more "fashionable". People of all ages and all horizons try to become members of those socially high ranking sport clubs.

I realised this when I came out of my shower last week. The two large windows of my bathroom open up on nice tennis courts' that look like red carpets (I have always wondered if the players were able to stare at me when I came out of my shower, however this is not really relevant to this essay). So while I dried myself I looked at the amount of persons who woke up early on a Saturday morning to get a chance to play a game of tennis on a court.

The club in front of my house has more than fifteen courts and from early in the morning to late at night they are all busy. The courts have to be booked at least two weeks in advance! The players were all dressed in white; most of them looked really preppie. They all wanted to be part of a closed society where everyone has ideally to look the same, play the same sports, go to the same clubs and enjoy the same drinks.

Different types of people were easily recognisable. The young 15 years old champion was taking private lessons. He played amazingly well and at times managed to beat his coach. His style was perfect and the ball seemed never to leave the court. This wasn't astonishing taking into account the number of hours of tennis lessons his mother had...