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In this modern world, everybody is going after stereotype in every television, newspaper, and magazine advertisement. They concern about magazine advertisement most. Everything depends on the advertisement, how the ad is looking also a model in the ad. The biggest thing depends on is the model. In most magazine ad, every sponsor uses the female model. So their advertise looks good and make good impression on the people. Women In magazine advertisement are shown as beautiful, passive, also nurturing.

First in every advertisement, all sponsor uses the female model because they look good. They dress well in the ad looking good and charming. Sometimes people buy the magazine not just to look at ads but they are looking at models are in the ads. For example in L'Oreal advertisement they are using a beautiful female model that is very attractive gorgeous and she looks stylish. In the ad, it says that she worth her hair because she uses the loreal hair coloring shampoo to color her hair.

Nurturing is second stereotype most common of women in a magazine advertisement. In most advertisement for home product they choose the female models are shown with those products. They know that the women are only people who take care of the house and look after the kids and their house. Therefore, sponsor uses the female model to create big impression on the audience and make them buy their product. Just as those cleaning product advertise female model uses those cleaning material to clean the bad spots and in advertise they make that so easy and hassle free.

Third most common stereotype of women in magazine advertise is passivity. Sponsors try to make everything in the ad passive. Like in reality, it is like that. They use positive affect in their advertisement...