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In a suburb of London, a young worker named Tyler Wimble lives in a small two storied apartment building. He is a short man of twenty-five who wears thick glasses and earns a living by fixing electronic toilet seats in London. Each day, he wakes up at six to go to the office. There, he gets a short list of toilet seats to be fixed for the day. Most of his transportation is done by train, because London Plumbing can not afford to provide him with a car. He can not afford a personal car either. He ends up using half the day on the train reading advertisements above the luggage racks every day, since the London Railway System normally has its trains at a thirty minute delay. The other half of the day is used examining broken toilet seats that are usually just clogged up with toilet paper after somebody tried to clean it up.

Each time, Tyler repeats monotonously, "Please don't clean the nozzle with toilet paper."

Most of the time, Tyler can be seen in his worker uniform that consists of black pants, a white shirt, a green necktie, a beige polyester jacket with two buttoned breast pockets. He is almost always wearing a sad face, with eyebrows pointing upwards like a broken pinball machine with its flickers jammed up. He looks as if he is about to commit suicide, and his employer is always talking about getting a backup technician, as if the event is inevitable.

However, at his small apartment, he transforms into a completely different person. As soon as he gets home from work at eight, he turns on his super-computer that he built over the years. He sits in front of his computer and communicates with teammates in Russia. Together, they...