Stereotyped Librarians in Movies

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Stereotyped Librarians in Movies

What do you think of when you hear the word "librarian"? Several years ago 100 people were surveyed and asked what they thought of as the typical librarian. The results showed that most people thought librarians were quiet, mean, stern, single or unmarried, stuffy, and wore glasses. In most cases, librarians have proven to be sweet, fun-loving people. Hollywood created this negative connotation of librarians, which has been proved as a stereotype and untrue.

The term librarian can be defined as someone who specializes in library administration and library studies. They may perform in-depth work and synthesize information. They may database information systems to catalogue of access information. Early librarians needed little training or knowledge of their profession. With the advent of the Dewy Decimal System and more recent technology, librarians are now demanding more and more training. The library field has become increasingly technical and is now being called an information science.

I have known many librarians. Although some may have been old and wore glasses, they were not the stereotypical librarian. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They not only knew what the best books were, they also knew how to help me with any research topic that I might be giving me trouble. My best friend's mother, Mrs. Dunn, is a librarian at my high school. She is young and beautiful. She does not wear glasses and is happily married. She knows more than where books are in the library. She has a master in Library and Information Sciences, along with a degree in Computer Engineering. English and history are also her specialties. She is always willing to help anyone who comes into the library and never raises her voice to those that get a little too loud in the library. She made...