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Stereotypes"Stereotyping is a generalization about a person or group of persons" (remember). "This type of thinking reduces people or things into categories that can induce listeners to accept a claim unthinkingly or to make snap judgments concerning groups that they know little about" (critical thinking). "Our society often creates and perpetrates stereotypes, but these stereotypes often lead to unfair discrimination and persecution when the stereotype is unfavorable" (remember). This paper will look at the stereotypes of several groups of people and evaluate the truths of these groups.

The first group to be evaluated is the politicians; they are stereotyped in several ways. Looking at the presidential candidates running this year we have seen many factors. With Hillary Clinton, we have heard the gender factor, can a women do as good of a job as a man. Obama on the other hand has issues being discussed regarding his race, and religious beliefs.

With McCain, we hear about his age, is 71 too old to be president. Many are looking at these issues that are being raised rather than the quality of the person that is running for the presidency. Voters must in turn get beyond the stereotypes and look at the character, values and policies of the presidential candidates.

Persons with tattoos also have many stereotypes. Tattoos are associated with the bad boy/ bad girl image, dirty bikers and criminals. "Many prospective employees are often denied jobs if their tattoos can't be concealed, as they are contributed to an unprofessional appearance" (thetimes). There are many professional people with tattoos that I personally know, Doctors, nurses and several police officers. The fact that they have tattoos is irrelevant.

Feminists are always struggling to shake off the stereotypes associated with them. Feminists are known to be angry, man hating, macho women. The...