Stereotypes in Society.

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As the common saying goes, "Looks can be deceiving". People have gotten accustomed to judging someone from their first impression. People are different than what they seem and all must take that into consideration before judging someone. Looks are not everything in life, personality is also a very important thing that people must know before judging someone.

People in the past have used stereotype against me due to my religion. I am an Indian, and when people heard that about me, I was not even given a chance in my grammar school education. I was set aside to be the "geek", the "smelly kid", and the "HINDU". Ah the Hindu, it is quite comical to look back upon those incidents and just laugh at how ignorant society is. Very few people in this world actually give someone the "benefit of the doubt", or "a chance" to become a part of their clique.

From first hand experience, I know how important it is not to judge someone off of their looks and/or appearance.

One thing that gets many individuals quite upset is the fact that African American people are always set out to be the "bad guys", or the "crooks", or the "murderers". Well lets get all the facts straight...more than 50% of people in jail are of Caucasian decent. It is funny how society overlooks this fact and still stereotype against the African American population.

Lets be blunt, what we as a society sees is not always what it really is. We, often misjudge objects and people by following these stereotype that have been created by ourselves, or our peers, or passed down to us from our elders. Society must eliminate these "generic" stereotype and start giving people the benefit of the doubt.

President Roosevelt once said, "Every Generation is...