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Stereotyping is wrong. Today, it is taken too seriously and is really hurting people's feelings. In this essay, I'll give you three different examples of stereotyping that goes on today. The three that I'll talk about are ditzy cheerleaders, dumb blonds, and stupid men. I personally don't believe in any stereotyping because I think that everyone is worth getting to know. The point of this is to make you understand that stereotyping is wrong, and you shouldn't do it.

A lot of people think that all cheerleaders are ditzy and stupid. I think that a lot of cheerleaders are, but definitely not all. For example, I have a friend named Megan Gunzelman, and she is very smart. She is in all TAG classes and is in algebra. This proves that cheerleaders can be smart. I also have another friend named Amber Wallace. She is a cheerleader too. She may be ditzy at times, but she definitely isn't stupid.

She is also in all TAG classes and is in Geometry, which is a tenth grade course. This can really hurt people's feelings. I've been to football games where people yell bad things at cheerleaders, and I know that it can get to them. I think that this is very wrong because the cheerleaders are just doing what they love and they don't go places and make fun of people for doing what they love. How would you like it if you were simply doing what you love and you get judged for it? I think that people stereotype cheerleaders because of movies. In most movies, the cheerleaders are the popular ones that date the football players, but it's not like that in real life. They're also stereotyped as stupid blonds, which leads my into my next example of stereotyping.

Dumb blonds...