Stereotyping, Discrimination and Prejudice in the Media

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The movie that I have chosen to watch for this particular bonus assignment is called "The Freedom Writers". The movie is about a new teacher and the challenges that she faces in order to make the students in her English class, who come from different ethnics backgrounds and who most hate each other, get along. And, of course, by the end of the movie, she is successful in doing so.

Racism played a major role in this movie, seen as a negative aspect in the children's attitudes and mentalities. Racism is defined as negative behaviour on an incorrect assumption that one race is inherently superior to others. This is one of the many forms of discrimination which is defined as unfair actions directed against people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, language, faith, or sexual orientation. Throughout the movie, there are many examples of racism. Basically, the students going to that high school come from different background, and therefore, at high school, they create separate "tribes".

Such tribes where "south of the boarder - Latinos", "little Cambodia", "the ghetto", "Wonder bread Land", and others that were not mentioned. All of these "tribes" believed that their race is superior to the "other", and if that "other" particular race would not exist, their life would be much better. From this, many problems leading to violence, and even crime, aroused. Many students went to boot camps, or jail for youths, and lost a lot of their friends because of gang related activities. In addition to this, in the movie it was mentioned that in Long Beach, the place where the action takes place, it all comes down to what you look like; Latino, Asian, Black, etc. They are so buried in their hatred towards each other, that it is likely...