Steroid use of steroids by atheletes

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Anabolic steroids have many effects on the athletes that use them, some of which are desirable and some of which are not. The main reason why many athletes want to use steroids in the sports that they compete in is so that they gain an unfair advantage by the accelerated growth of muscle tissue. Many people use steroids in all areas and calibers of sports even though they are usually banned. Using steroids may give an athlete a physical advantage over their fellow competitors, but some things such as steroids are usually too good to be true. After the use of steroids, many famous athletes may have faced many side effects that they did not know were coming to them. Steroids should not be used anymore in any sport because it creates an unfair advantage for the person that is using it and the side effects are too great to ignore.

Athletes take anabolic steroids when they compete with the idea that taking it will make them win. The reason for this thinking is that steroids according to "Anabolic Steroid Abuse", "promote the growth of skeletal muscle" (par.1). The steroids themselves can be taken orally, as tablets or powders, and can also be liquids that are injected into the muscles.

The steroids taken by athletes contain testosterone or chemicals that act in similar way to testosterone, which help increase the development of male sexual characteristics. So, as well as promoting the growth of skeletal muscles, steroids basically turns women into men and men into monsters. In the Commission Reports, Dubin says that, "Witness after witness spoke of increased strength and size; of a greater ability to train intensely, to resist the pain of workouts, and to recuperate; of improved performances; and enthusiasm" (103). These attributes that come along with...