Steroids are gay!

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An anonymous Yugoslavian who has experienced with steroids posted his story on the internet. He eventually discovered, through his experience, that it wasn't as great as it was supposed to be. However, in Yugoslavia, steroids are cheaper then supplements, work faster, and are more efficient then supplements. He is a thin, short guy, so he wanted to lift weights and work out in order to gain muscle mass. When he first started his cycle, in order to get bigger as a personal goal, steroids elevated his mood, and gave him a boost in the weight room that a healthy diet couldn't. It seemed like it was all good at first. The steroids were having only a positive effect on him, but he started to notice things that didn't seem right. Steroids didn't make him feel happier alone, but all of his emotions were exaggerated. Stress became extremely stressful, and when he was happy, he felt almost twice as happy, but he learned to control his mood swings/roid rage, and continued his cycle.

About the 3rd week into his cycle, he had noticed a dramatic change. He put on about 7 or 8 pounds, though he maintained a lean appearance, and by the 4th week he was up 13 pounds. He was very satisfied with his results, with no complications, however he was moody now and then. He was happy with the results until he looked in the mirror, and he realized that using steroids made the gym his life, and that he just wanted to become as big as he possibly could. (1. I Started Using Steroids Because Where I Live Steroids Are Cheaper Than Supplements,

Today, someone of any age could be taking the first tablet of their Dianabol cycle, a cycle lasting 8 weeks, taking up...