Steroids, An Overview.

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Steroids: An Overview

In a world where athletics seem to be on an uprise, it is not too surprising that so many people find it necessary to use supplements to better their performance. It is not necessarily bad to use sports supplements, but where do we draw the line between what is good and what is bad? It seems like every time I turn on the television, there is an infomercial talking about how to get the "huge, bulging biceps you have always dreamed of having." Many people find themselves getting caught up in the hype of becoming fit, stronger, faster, and even looking better. There are many ways to become all of these things mentioned above. Unfortunately one of the easiest methods that people have found to enhance their physical performance happens to be by using one of the deadliest sports supplements known to man... a supplement known as steroids

Because steroids are known to build body tissues, they are used for numerous reasons.

In hospitals all over the world (and under professional guidance), steroids have been used as an agent to help patients that suffer from diseases that may decrease a person?s weight and/or overall body mass. Although steroids are used in a positive way to better the lives of the sick and dying, they are also used for athletic purposes and may pose an opposite effect.

There is testing for steroids in all sports, yet they still exist among players. Since they are easily accessible more and more athletes are using steroids to gain the competitive edge that they need.

When one decides that he/she wants to try out steroids, it is rarely ever an easy decision. He or she may want to weigh out what is more important- being on the news for...