Steroids: Pressure and Excuses.

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There are many reasons one would use steroids. Are steroids safe? No there are many side effects and health risks involved. Why do so many people use steroids when there are so many health risks and side affects? Do people take steroids because they are not aware of all the risks? Not likely, steroids have been around since the 1930's when Nazi scientists tried to invent drugs that would make German armies more powerful (Rogak 15). Steroids were considered harmful and made illegal in 1991. Some side affects of steroids are baldness, high blood pressure, lowered sex drive, acne, nosebleeds, liver disease, kidney disease, and many more. It may sound ridiculous and idiotic to most to use steroids with all the risks, but the temptation and pressures in using them are sometimes unbearable. In today's society there are many pressures to be the best athlete and to look a certain way.

Nobody wants to take second place, or look scrawny and wimpy. People want to be winners and want people to turn their heads to look at them when they walk into a room. The fastest and easiest way to do that is to take steroids. People take steroids to be bigger and better at sports, their physical appearance, and pressures from the media and peers.

In today's athletics, athletes are getting bigger, stronger, and faster. Whether an athlete plays high school or professional sports, it is getting harder for athletes to compete at a high level with all the competition. When an athlete is not good enough to make the team or is on a team and does not play much. Athletes will do just about anything to make themselves better? Many athletes spend numerous hours practicing and lifting weights trying to get better at their sport, and still...