Steroids in Sports

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A pandemic of Steroid use within the adult athletic community causes controversy. Many athletes within the professional leagues concur that medicinal use of steroids on a moderate controlled level could help athletes achieve specialized levels of activity. Others, however, argue Steroids effects on the human body. Professional sports regulations should allow moderate Steroid use for adult athletes.

Adults can safely use Steroids in moderation. Oppo-nents of steroid use, however, argue that because youth are in constant state of growth, taking steroids could cause many complications from a psychological as well as physical standpoint (Physical). Therefore, professional sports regulators should not be allow youth athletes to consume Steroids. Adults, however, should be able to consume moderate levels of Steroids.

While Steroids may not help everyone, some athletes may benefit in short-term recovery from injury. For instance, an athlete with a joint injury may need the assistance of a supplement such as steroids to assist with the recovery process.

Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledges in the article In Defense of Supplements the legalities of supplements for athletes and how the issue has been clouded by misrepresentation of some supplements because dietary supplements are lumped into the same category as steroids (Schwarzenegger). Although some professional athletes do take Steroids, professional sports regulators continue to discourage Steroid use within professional leagues.

Steroid use by professional athletes as adults can help increase muscle growth after a severe injury, enabling an athlete to continue to play. For instance, a profess-sional athlete might have an anterior crucaite ligament tear for which cortisone shots would help mobility of the joint, enabling the athlete to recovery with full use of the appendage. Steroids help in stabilizing or increasing muscle mass to compensate for ligament tears. Steroids such as cortisone shots should not be taken on a regular basis; however, in moderation...