Steroids in sports

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Jason Hussong Final Project 24AUG2007

Not long ago, Barry bonds hit a homerun during a baseball game. This doesn't sound all that unusual; after all, he has hit 755 homeruns in his career prior to hitting this one. It is not the homerun, per se, that was special, but instead, it was the fact that it was the 756th time that he had hit a homerun that was so special. Why is this so special? It is so special because no one has ever hit that many homeruns in his career prior to Bonds on this special night. This is the night that a once thought "untouchable record" was finally touched. The record that belonged to Hank Aaron for the last thirty-six years had finally been broken. One might think that the nation would come together in praise for who is now the "homerun king." One might think that all the masses would marvel at the talent that stands before them.

Instead, we saw anger. We saw accusations. We saw the masses call this man a cheat. We saw the Commissioner of Baseball Operations choose to not even be present for this moment of so called greatness. Why would all these people react in such a way to a man who is the greatest homerun hitter of all time known as the homerun king; a title that was once held only by the great "Babe" Ruth? A strong majority of baseball fans believe that Barry Bonds should have an asterisk next to his name in the record books; and next that asterisk should read something like this, "Player was found to have used performance enhancing drugs while attaining this record."

Performance enhancing drugs; what are performance enhancing drugs? What do performance enhancing drugs do? If performance enhancing drugs are used,