stewards, not squatters

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Stewards, Not Squatters: 7

Stewards, Not Squatters

Juanita M. Allen-APA



Christians are believed to have no concern for the environment. Many environmentalists have said that Christians are just along for the ride and believe that their God will take them away from all the evil. While that may be true, it is the responsibility of a Christian to treat God's creation as his or her own and live responsibility in it. Christians are not just squatters, waiting to move on to something better. They are stewards of His almighty gift of nature and environment.

Many people believe that Christians have no concerns about the outcome of this world. These people believe that Christians rely solely on the rapture to save them from earth's deterioration. The Rapture will save those who believe in God. There is no need for Christians to have any concerns about the depleting atmosphere. God gave people nature to thrive off of.

Christians are careless about the environment. All of these statements have probably been made by people who believe that Christians do not care about the outcome of this world. Will tribulation save the Christians from earth's destruction? Thinking errors are present in both, the people who believe this about Christians and the Christians who believe this about themselves. God created the world and gave His people domain. John Calvin interpreted domain to mean "a responsible care and keeping that does not neglect, injure, abuse, degrade, dissipate, corrupt, mar, or ruin the earth" (Calvin, 1948). Christians should recognize that earth is God's creation and as his followers, they are responsible stewards of his creation.

Psalm 24:1 says, "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it" (24 psalm: 1 NIV). This Bible verse gives ownership of...