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Henry Pena

Why are you attending College?

Benjamin Franklin said "Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today". Is a quote I heard while I was growing up. What this means is if you have the opportunity to do something today, then do it, and don't waste tie deciding on doing it tomorrow or some other day. I have the oppportuinity now to attend college, and I'm not going to keep waasting time. I want to make my mother and family proud, since no one has finished college. I will have the least chance to be unemployed. By attending college more open doors will appear in front of me for a better job, future and to gain more experience in my personal life.

It has been proven that anyone that has not attended college and graduated from it will obtain jobs that pay minimun wage. Through out my life, I have seen friends struggling to make a living by working two jobs earning minimum wage at $7.25

per hour to support their families. My father did not attend college, and now he is stressing trying to find a job, but every where he goes companies ask him for a college education. Attending college will give people more opportunities for a better job and income.

Malcom X quoted "Education is our passaport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." Many people don't care about their future, so they decide to stop their education after they graduate from High School, not keeping in mind that they can have a better life then the one they have now. I don't want to end up misserable and lonely. Like Malcom X said, education is my passaport for my future, I want to have more...