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When this assignment was given to us I thought for a long time about what investments I wanted to use. I decided to use all stocks because at the time there were a couple of stocks I was interested in and being that I have no experience with stocks, I figured that this would be a great learning tool.

Most of the stocks I picked I was interested in before I was assigned this assignment. I broke the $50, 000 equally in six of the investments but put $10,000 in the two investments I was going to buy for real money just weeks earlier.

The first investment I chose was Exxon Mobil Corp., I bought it at a high rate of $61.60 a share, but I had heard of a merge with another big Gasoline Company, but it just never worked out. Over the two month span I lost $780.85

on my $10,000 investment. I learned never go on rumors with this one. I read it somewhere and it turned out to be totally wrong. I should have cut my loses in half way through but I was curious to see what happened.

I am a big video game fan, and when I heard about a new game console that Microsoft was going to manufacture I knew that would be a safe stock to buy. When I bought it, it was at $26.85. I was a little worried because it was so high, so I only bought $5,000 worth. I ended up making $236.88 on it. I feel this stock will still go up more in the future, because of the quality and quantity of ideas Microsoft invents each year.

I bought Disney because I have an uncle who works for them, and he always say?s his stocks does well.