Stock trade project. Choose a particular stock and keep track the performance of this stock during the term. Write a summary of the stock's movement.

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Stock track project

Danone Group


DANONE Group is a producer of fresh dairy products, packaged water, biscuits and cereal products. The Danone group is the worldwide leader in water and fresh dairy products and ranks second in biscuits.

Over the years, Danone has taken strategic steps to achieve a worldwide presence and focus on three business lines: dairy products, biscuits and water. The Company's portfolio of brands and products includes national and international brands such as Danone (Dannon in the United States), a brand of fresh dairy products; Evian, a brand of bottled still water; Volvic, an international brand of bottled still water; LU, a biscuits brand.

As of December 31, 2002, the Company share capital amounts to 137,335,122 euros divided 137,335,122 outstanding shares with a nominal value of 1 euro per share .

It listed in Euronext (Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels), Zurich, London and New-York (NYSE in the form of American Depositary Share).

On December 31, 2002, The Danone Group had sales totalling more than U.S $14,500 billion and employed a worldwide workforce of more than 95,000. The turnover for 2002 is 13,555 million of Euro .

My study will focus on the stock evolution on the Paris exchange, with the CAC40 index.

Stock evolution by week

At the beginning of September, the stock was very required by a lot of people. Two reasons were at the origin of this new interest for the group.

First, it is because Danone confirmed of good semi-annual results in the middle of September.

In addition, the group profited from the rises of the dollar and the yen, in fact, it realizes more than a third of its turnover outside of Europe.

Week 1 (09/22 - 09/27)

A Stock exchange week calm for the Danone stock because it evolved from...