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Stokely Carmichael was one of the many civil rights activist of the 1960's. He was a Freedom Rider and a powerful leader. Carmichael was involved with many organizations that helped free blacks. He became the leader of the Black Nationalism. Carmichael also led the way to "Black Power" and became the leader of the Black Power Movement.

It all began June 24, 1941, in the Port of Spain in Trinidad, where Carmichael was born. In 1952 he moved to Harlem where he went to school. It was when he was in high school where he was surrounded by segregation became inspired to help fix it. By the end of Carmichael's freshman year at Howard University, where he majored in philosophy, he joined the Freedom Riders. The Freedom Riders frequently met with violence and would be arrested and placed in jail at their destinations.

After Carmichael graduated from Howard he joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

SNCC sent hundreds of black and white volunteers to the south to teach, set up clinics and register black voters. As a SNCC field organizer he helped raise the number of registered black voters to 2600 from 70. Carmichael was unhappy with the other parties' results who were involved in trying to increase black voter registration. He then organized the all black Lowndes County Freedom Organization and choose a black panther as it symbol which adopted later by the Black Panther Party.

Mr. Carmichael was detained and arrest as a nonviolent volunteer that after 32 times he lost count. He once recalled watching from his hotel room in a Alabama town awhile nonviolent black demonstrators were beaten and shocked with cattle prods by the police. After a while he became frustrated with all the beatings and killings of the nonviolent protesters. His growing exasperation...