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11 BOM 2014 Name:____________________

Semester 2 Assignment: Business Feasibility Study

Contextualised Unit: Marketing and Operations Management

Item: 2.1

Distributed: Week Beginning 4th August

Draft or Progress Report Due: 11th September

Excursion Date: 18th September

Final Submission Due: 13th October

Format: - Multi-modal presentation

- Group collaboration, individual response


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Business Feasibility Study:

A feasibility study assesses your ability to use your knowledge and analysis skills to evaluate the feasibility of a business or start-up business. Through the analysis of existing or competing businesses, feasibility studies seek to determine the viability of a business idea.

Contextualised Unit:

A contextualised unit is one which draws on the content of at least two of the functions of Business Management. In this case you are required to apply your knowledge of :

Marketing AND b) Operations Management.

You must demonstrate an understanding of the inter-dependence of these two management functions.

Multi-Modal Presentation

A multimodal response uses a combination of at least two modes of communication. Each of the communication modes must contribute significantly to the message for the audience.

An audio - visual component must add to the oral component - not just summarise it.


You are to assess the feasibility of the business proposal in the case study below and prepare a multi-modal presentation to present your research and conclusions.

Case Study

Proposal to introduce a new European style bock beer to the product port-folio...