The Stolen Genreations- Tells the story of the Aboriginal stolen generations in Australia.

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The Stolen Generation is thought to be the most devastating of the many atrocities committed by the European settlers. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Aborigines were seen by the settlers as a moronic and savage race that should either be educated as a white or be killed. 1n 1804, due to pressure by the majority of Christian white settlers, the government laid down a policy that any Aboriginal child seen with Aboriginal parents could be taken by white settlers to be educated as Christians and as one of the European settlers. The Aboriginal parents could not even appeal to a court to argue the matter. No one knows exactly how many Aboriginal children were taken away but according to a survey done by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission the number lies some where between 1 in 3 to 1 in 10 Aboriginal children were taken form their Aboriginal parents.

Even if the number of children taken away was 1 in 10, it is still a tremendous number of children.

The children were also banned from speaking native languages or to speak about their heritage and culture. This would be done either by putting the children in special institutes or by giving them to white couples that were willing to take the children. This was not a new concept as many British children had also been taken away from their parents in Britain and brought to Australia to further increase the growing population.

The white majority believed this was in the best interests of the child and would reduce the number of savage Aborigines who occasionally fought and, a lot of the time, killed whites.

Research has also shown that even though many of these children had been well treated, a large majority had been physically and/or...