Stone Cold

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Written by Robert Swindells, 'Stone Cold' tells the story of an ill-treated 16 year old boy- Link. At the hands of mis-treatment from his step father, he is led to make the biggest decision of his life; he packs his bags leaving home for the great city of London in hope of finding employment. Arriving in London with no more than £200 and a sleeping bag finding a job is his only hope- but no such luck arises, transforming him into one of many invisible outcasts living on the streets. He soon meets Ginger, a streetwise newly-found friend and guide teaching him methods of surviving against the tough world of 'solcredulists' (somebody who believes everything the read in the 'Sun') harsh weather, and hunger pangs, hopefully making the streets somewhat more bearable.

When Ginger mysteriously disappears, Link becomes apprehensive and searches for him, with his enquiries leading him nowhere, apart from a big issue seller who sees ginger talking to, and walking off with an army soldier-like man.

After other homeless people mysteriously vanish, Link makes it his mission to find out what's going on. He is eventually lead to a certifiable army-obsessed character named 'shelter' who leads homeless men into believing that he'll take care of them for the night, but instead kills them, shaves them, and buys them caterpillar boots, turning them into his 'Army'. Link goes to the police with his suspicions, and eventually finds the bodies (including that of Gingers) and gets Shelter locked up. Link continues to live on the streets of London, suffering bad weather, bad people and concrete 'beds' in doorways, with no hope.

The classic novel 'Oliver Twist' written by Charles Dickens and published in monthly parts from January 1837 to March is about Oliver, orphaned when his mother dies giving...