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The Stone Cutter This story is talking about a man that is a stone cutter and the fact that he is not satisfied with the way that he is living. One day the stone cutter gets invited to a castle and sees this very nice bed and views this life of luxury. The stone cutter then thinks of this spirit that he knows that grants the wishes of people and he wishes for this kind of lifestyle and the spirit grants him his wish. As time passes he wishes for more and more things such as having more wealth, turning into the sun, turning into a cloud, and turning into a stone. Once the stone cutter was turned into stone he saw that another stone cutter was approaching him with what seemed to be tool to cut stone. And so the stone cutter made what would be his last wish, to be a stone cutter again and live life as he was used to it.

The idea or moral behind this story is that one should not try to compare oneself with people of higher income as well as to not take your lifestyle for granted. Even though one might think that he/she is so unlucky, in life there is always someone there that you may compare yourself with. Because no matter how bad life is for you, there is always someone who is living a harsher life than you are. For example many people in third world countries who are living a life of poverty and hunger and would dream of having a lifestyle even remotely resembling ours thus proving to us that life can not be taken for granted.