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The story of the life and death of a 6 year old girl by the name of Elisa made headlines in 1995. Her mother had used her head as a floor mop, and sexually abused her. A parent’s responsibility is to protect and care for their children. However that is not always the case. Child maltreatment whether abuse or just neglect is the leading cause of death for children four and under. Child abuse has been a problem for our society in the past and still is in the present. Though it is a very big problem it is not unpreventable. To stop child abuse laws should be made more strict, states should provide special programs, and adoption should be pushed instead of family reunification.

The government needs to be more strict on their laws about child abuse. Protecting those who cannot protect themselves is the most important government function.

Redefining child abuse as assault is very important deterrence wise. David Stoezs a reported from Washington Monthly said, “The message is clear, Beat a woman and go to jail, why not institute a similar practice for abused children” (Karger, n.p.)? What kind of message does it send when a man beats his girlfriend’s child to death, only gets five to fifteen years and is eligible for parole (Karger, n.p.)? Is it an accident or crime when a father leaves his kid in a van on a hot summer day? A Minneapolis father left his four month old son in a minivan while he worked inside; later Mile Daley (the son) was found dead. Ten years is the max sentence that he could get. Scott Whiley founding director of Whittier law school’s Center for Children’s Rights said, “A parent or guardian has the duty to protect the child because the child...