Stopin the pop

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Assignment 4

Stopin the pop

More now than ever the entertainment industry is putting out vulgar messages for the public, and more specifically young people. The music that many young people are listening to is evidentially immoral and parents are standing up against it. What conclusion can you come to when entertainment has an arguable point in their defense? There is a reasonable way to figure things out.

The entertainment industry seems to be booming right now because of the life styles people are leading. The biggest and most influential industry is music. The radio pumps out million-dollar song after million-dollar song and the youth of America eat it up with a silver spoon. The thing is, if this many people are listening, then the message in music must be very appealing. If this is true then it looks like America would want only the best most moral songs in the public, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

The music is getting worse and the artists who produce it fit the music. Now that there is a lot of music on T.V., the image of the artist is very important. They have become super stars and they know it. None of them want to be the next one hit wonder, so they try to be just like the music they play. The bad thing is, the music is so immoral it is hard to keep up with. The artist want to be on the front page of every magazine and the way to do that is to be so outlandish the people have to stop and look at you. The shock factor is anything from a basic sin to being put in jail for breaking the law.

They feel like they are free to...