Stopping the use of nuclear weapons. (in letter format to President Bush)

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Dear Mr. President:

My name is ***, and I live in ***. I believe we should get rid of all of our nuclear weapons as well as the rest of the world. Did you know the first Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima killed 70,000 people instantly? Many of those people were innocent. If those nuclear weapons get into the hands of an evil person, major destruction will happen. Maybe even innocent people could get hurt from the weapon. If no one in the world has nuclear weapons, nothing can happen to innocent civilians. Please listen to what I have to say about this subject.

The first atomic bomb dropped was one megaton. As I mentioned above, 70,000 people were instantly vaporized. Another 30,000 later died of radiation. I'm sure you know this: bombs today range from 150 to 200 megatons. Now think of the damage that a 150-megaton bomb could do.

10,500,000 people could be vaporized instantly. I think that is way too high of a number for people to just be vaporized in a split second. Did you also know that with all of the nuclear weapons on the earth, you could destroy the world eight times? That is just ridiculous. Who needs all of those bombs? 90% of all buildings in Hiroshima were destroyed. Doesn't this just sound horrible? The temperature at the epicenter reached 100 million degrees Fahrenheit. That was hot enough to melt all of the rock around it. One good thing about the use of nuclear weapons is that the numbers of nuclear weapons has gone down since the end of the Cold War. If we continue this pattern, we could eventually put an and to the use of nuclear weapons. We should lead in disarming the world's nuclear weapons. I hope this all...