The Storm

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The story, "The Storm," revolves around the act of adultery and how it becomes a positive thing for a woman named Calixta. In the story, Kate Chopin first starts out with Bobinot and his son, Bibi, being stuck at the store, due to a heavy storm that was going on. They worried about Calixta, Bobinot's wife, being worried where they were and if they were safe. Calixta was sewing at home when the storm started, so she ran out to get the cloths that she had put out to dry. While she was out, she met Alcee, her ex-boyfriend who she hasn't seen since he had gotten married. He asked her if he could come in until the storm passes by, and Calixta let him in. While they were both waiting for the storm to pass, Calixta was getting very worried about Bibi and Bobinot being out in the storm.

But, somehow they ended up passionately kissing, and were remembering the past that they both had. Soon, when the storm was over, Alcee left, and Bobinot and Bibi got home. Calixta was happy that they were both safe and sound. Alcee wrote a letter to his wife saying how much he misses her and the kids.

Today's society has strong views against adultery, no matter under what circumstances, and back in the days when Kate Chopin wrote "The Storm," society's views on adultery were even more negative. But, Kate Chopin gives us a very different view of adultery, which we don't get to see or read very often. She does not portray adultery as a negative act like most of the media often do, but she shows us adultery in a way where it's not so negative at all. When Bobinot and Bibi got home safely, she was very happy...