The storm

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The Storm

What do you think the most important in your life? What is a value in your life? Many people seek the values that real love, honesty, and moral life. However, "The Storm" by Kate Chopin the main characters forsake common values. The two main characters in this story are just as human as the real world, and like real people they sometimes lose their way and give in to what they know are morally and ethically wrong. The main protagonist, Calixta, who is begins an affair with named Alcee Laballiere would rather trade a few minutes of lust with Alcee for a lifetime of love and devotion from her husband. The sanctity of marriage and the feeling of love that play a role are valueless in the story, just as these values are sometimes lost in the world. Nowadays, more and more couples end their marriages by divorcing.

The reasons that lead to this unhappy ending are the entire world, but one of the major reasons is disloyal relationship. Kate Chopin, the author of the short story. This storm, however, suggests that people can find another relationship outside marriage to seek their own passionate fulfillments. To her, these people are right and their action cannot be criticized because they do no harm to the people around them while they themselves can be happier with this fulfillment. Yet I do not agree with her behavior that seeking another relationship is outside marriage acceptable.

As human beings, we want and have the right to seek our own happiness. But we should also remember that we must take responsibility for what we have been doing. If we are single, then looking for a relationship is never unacceptable, but once we get married. We have to commit and respect...