"The Storm" by Kate Chopin (Fiction).

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The essay of "The Storm", written by Kate Chopin, illustrates a story of one woman and one man drawn to each other by lust. Situated together by a storm, Calixta, the woman in this essay and "very married woman" has no choice but to let in an old friend and once loved companion out of the pouring rain. As a result, old flames spark a maybe-new relationship between the two. This essay is an alternative twist to many other stories dealing with unfaithfulness and infidelity, given that men are more prone to being accused of committing adultery with regard to women. This essay shows, no matter what the variables are "when the cat's away the mice will play".

Chopin's essay begins with Calixta's better-half and husband Boinot and there four-year-old son Bibi, away at a local grocery store retrieving a few items. Noticing a few somber clouds filed with a tempest intention, Boinot and Bibi are strained to stay out of the rain and insist on taking cover at the grocery store.

This storm is ultimately the cause and reason for Calixta's infidelity. The storm is Calixta's way to keep husband and son away while she is secretly having an affair. There's no way on earth that Calixta could have planed any of this out. It just so happened, that everything fell right into place. Even Sylvie, Calixta's maid and helper happen to be away while the affair was going on.

Back at home, Calixta had no idea what was about to happen. I believe that the last thing she had on her mind was cheating on her very much loved husband. Although, who knows what she was thinking. As she waited patiently sewing on her sewing machine, like most wives did during that time, she noticed that...