Storms of Passion and Nature: Kate Chopin's "The Storm"

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Kate Chopin's "The Storm" focuses on two types of storms; one of these is a fierce violent occurrence of the natural world. The second storm considered a storm of life, with its play on emotion, mind and heart. It describes or for lack of a better word, explains the inner feelings of instant lust for a former boyfriend, perhaps feelings that were never put to rest in the recesses of her young mind, when she married her husband, Bobinot. She has been quite content to live her life in Southern Louisiana near the town of Biloxi with her family.

She probably didn't even think too much about what was about to take place that fateful afternoon when Alcee Laballiere came riding back into her life, after an absence of several years. She just as likely doesn't realize the extent of what emotions will come into play as these two storms are gathering around her.

Nature and fate will mount high with emotion as they build up to a rising crescendo with each moment of anticipation of life and love.

With the approaching storm of wind, rain, lightening and thunder, Calixta is calmly sewing and doesn't appear to be too concerned over the sudden change of the weather. When the light of the day darkens she realizes that she has left her husband's Sunday clothes airing out on the clothesline. Fearing they will be ruined in the upcoming storm of rain and wind, she hurriedly runs outside to bring them into the house.

As she is gathering the clothes, she sees the approach of her former boyfriend, perhaps the passion of her youth. In riding up to the gate, Alcee is well aware of the former emotions he once held and perhaps still holds on to in regard to Calixta. He...