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The setting of Stormy can be said to be in different places however I say that the setting is at Allan's cabin and it's a woodsy type place and is really good for hunting animals.

Stormy "the dog" lives with Allan. There are fences, and a lot of trees around Allan's cabin and there is a lake but the lake is not to close to Allan's cabin so he doesn't go there to often.

Allan is pretty poor and he doesn't live with his dad any more because he got in a fight and he was sent to prison "It doesn't really say if that is true in the book." Allan's house consists of a stove to heat the cabin, two bedrooms, kitchen and they have a shed which is located near the lake. Winter is the type of season and it was a very brutal and harsh winter.

Allan doesn't live by anyone and because of that he goes hunting a lot more than you would think.

There are some people that live a couple miles away but none right next store to Allan. There are many different settings in the book but the most exciting would have to be the lake because that is where Allan rescues the dog. The most boring setting would have to be when Allan is at the cabin because all he really does there is sleep and sit by the stove to get warm.

Allan and Stormy get along really good in this book because Stormy never bites or growls at Allan.