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By: Ryan Foster

September 25, 2014

Changes Over The Years

There were many changes between 1776 and 1870 from government systems, rebellion, population, and many innovations. Colonial governments typically took the shape of a legislature and an executive. Generally, a greater proportion of Americans had access to the franchise than found in Britain, though the franchise was still generally limited to free white men of means.

There was also rebellion against the British between these times. It was the consequence of a long decade of resentment related to taxation. Another consequence of the rebellion was that perceived encroachments of Parliamentary power on the traditional British liberties of the colonists. Which means the Revolutionary War was not the start of something, but rather the culmination of a number of events that generated antagonism between the colonies and the metropolis.

Now also between these years there was a big demographic change. Demographically, the United States exploded from a population of just fewer than 2 million in 1770 to 38.5

million in 1870, thanks to natural increase and large-scale immigration from Western Europe and parts of Asia. The United States went from a small nation hugging the coast of the Atlantic, to the U.S. spread westward. By 1870, there were states on both sides of the continent, and the general shape of the continental U.S. was pretty filled out. Though there was already a diverse population in the United States in 1776, between 1841 and 1850 there was also a massive increase in the number of Irish immigrants, who came to escape the Potato Famine. Also there was a great increase in the number of slaves within the nation. Nearly all of the slaves coming from natural increase, as the United States outlawed the international slave trade in 1808.

Then there were also...