A story about an abnormal sister, who is a terrific all around person.

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Once hated by many, my sister, Alison or Ace has now matured into one of the happiest people I know. Her face, body, clothes, and personality all form a beautiful lady both inside and out. Between all four of these features, Alison's characteristics make her the most ecstatic outgoing person I know today. Recently graduating from Avada School of Cosmetology, her area of specialties illustrate her New York attributes. She has fermented from a misunderstood girl who despised family into a mentor to her entire family.

Alison possesses beauty and happiness throughout her face. Her significant mouth is always on the move exposing her raspy distinctive voice and if it is not on the move it has a beautiful smile exposing her more than perfect teeth. Ace's hair is another aspect that makes her stand out. It changes as much as an iguana's color. From her young blond hair to dyed pink, to black to what is now burnt brown, her hair is ever changing.

Her face has a natural tan that makes her appear healthier than a model. Her eyebrows are plucked in a striking line over her glittered eyes. Alison's ears are continuously saturated with the finest earrings. This just adds to the beauty in her face, but her beauty continues in other parts of her body.

Her beautiful face is just one stunning attribute to her entire body. Alison has a body of a supermodel with legs as long as a giraffes. She has a birthmark on her right thigh that stands out, similar to the rest of her body. The rest includes her breasts that are more copious than the average lady. She may flaunt them too much, but I still love her. Since 2000 I've always been worried about her getting into trouble because...