A story of a butterfly growing up and discovering what it really is.

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Run, run and fly

As I awoke from my death like sleep of growth in the most pure darkness I began to carve away at my prison cell like temporary house to replenish myself with the lonely awaited breath of fresh clean air. A few fragments of the brittle wall gave way and as the thin blinding beams of sunlight glimmered down onto my face my eyes slammed shut like a vice. I had almost forgotten the power of the sun and all its magnificent colours that came from it. I felt throbbing pain all over my body that was too numb to even touch but especially on my back, there it was the worst of all, and I had no idea why. More and more specks fell off the wall and before long the tiny punctures had become a hole slightly large enough for me to squeeze through. I quickly squeezed out in anticipation as my heart pumped like pistons in a steam train at full speed.

It looked to be the morning but I wasn't sure because it had been too long and I could no longer tell. Amongst my feelings of joy and anticipation I could sense the stench of danger in the air.

I gazed throughout the treetops investigating every little bit of movement but saw nothing. I quickly span around to see where my siblings had hung their houses and they too began to crumble away as mine just did. But the things emerging out of them where not my siblings. They had tentacles sticking out of their heads, long dark legs and huge orange sail like flaps with zebra patterns on their backs. There were other things covering the branches of the trees that where black and furry. Had eight legs and as...