Story of Creation

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CreationismWhen God created earth he took six days. When god created earth he created man. In order to preserve life he created woman. The man was named Adam and the woman was named Eve. God created the Garden of Eden and placed Adam and Eve within the garden. Adam and Eve were told they could eat whatever they wished and do whatever they wished as long as they did not eat food from the Tree of Knowledge. The serpent within the garden told Eve that if she and Adam were to eat the food from the Tree of Knowledge they would walk amongst the gods. So Eve took an apple to Adam and together they ate. When god came down to the garden he searched for Adam and Eve, who were hiding from him. When God found Adam he asked “Why have you eaten from the tree of knowledge?” God was angry because Adam and Eve had gained wisdom from the tree and was now more like god himself.

Adam told god that Eve had given him the apple. Eve told god that the serpent had told her to eat the apple. God was furious at all 3 creatures and decided to wipe Eden completely. God clothed Adam and Eve in fur and removed them from the garden. God destroyed Eden and left Adam and Eve to survive on their own. Adam and Eve went on to conceive Cain and Abel. Cain was the tiller of soil while Abel was the herder of sheep. When the time came for sacrifices god refused Cain’s gift. As a result Cain became jealous of his brother and killed him. Cain told god that he feels guilt about it every day and god decides that no one is to kill Cain during...