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The Story of an Hour In "Story of an Hour" the main character Mrs. Mallard possesses several traits that help show how she is trapped in her relationship and is yearning for her independence. After she receives word of her husband's death, she becomes very confused. She isn't sure how to take the news of the death. At this point of the story we see Mrs. Mallard's unhappiness, dedication, and yearning for independence.

Like all women of the age, Mrs. Mallard is very loyal to her husband. Everyday she tries to please and take care of Mr. Mallard. She practices everyday things not mentioned in the short story such as cooking his meals, cleaning the house, and preparing his clothes. Like most women of that day and time, Mrs. Mallard's job is being a homemaker. In the story there is proof of her loyalty to Mr. Mallard. She realizes "There would be no one to live for her during those coming years; she would live for herself." This is proof that Mrs. Mallard lived for her husband. She would have to make the money, buy things, and make whatever payments. It is safe to say that Mrs. Mallard was very dedicated to her husband.

Throughout the story the audience isn't aware of Mrs. Mallard's unhappiness. She is pictured as a normal housewife. Once she receives news of her husband's death she begins to cry. The crying stops as soon as she realizes that she is released from her husband's control. At this point of the story she is baffled at whether to be happy or not. In the story Mrs. Mallard realizes that she is no longer unhappy when "Her fancy was running riot along those days ahead of her." This clearly shows that she...