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"Story of an Hour" -Kate Chopin 1. List significant immagery patterns 2. Speculate on how that immagery relates to theme 3. Speculate on how theme relates to character Two patterns of immagery were noticeable in the story. Firstly, there were consistent mental visualizations of spring time (paragraph 5-6) through the mention of "the tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life", "the delicious breath of rain", "patches of blue sky", and " the countless sparrows". The above images connotate to the aroma of freshness and the idea of renewal. The spring season is also the time when flowers and plant life begin to bloom; thus, the images of spring convey a message of a new life. The second significant immagery pattern is established in paragraph 6-7, when images of open space ocurred. For example, the roomy arm-chair and the open window, which both give the impression of opportunity arising which will furthemore lead to liberalization.

The theme of this story focuses on the indivdual freedom of a woman in a repressed marriage in a time where a patiarchial society condemed and restrained a women's liberalization. The images of spring time relate to her yearning for freedom and a new life, where as, the images of open space, relate to the opportunity for her to cease her own freedom.

Mrs. Mallard, the main character of the story, is unfortunately born in a time where it is socially acceptable for a man to be the dominant figure in a marriage/relationship. Consequently, she emblems depression due to her repressive marriage. However, when she hears the news of her husband's death, she sees this as an opportunity to capture the freedom that she was never given. Her soul and spirit are liberated and transformed into a joyful moment of self-realization and independence. Her moment is abrubtly ended when her husband walks in the front door, and as a result, she dies on the stop, from knowing that her freedom will once again be guarded by her husband.