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When I was eleven years old I moved to America. I was so scared because I was leaving my friends, my family, my home and my country. I was overcome by sadness knowing that I was leaving my whole life behind to eventually arrive in a country known as the "dream land". I was nervous about going to a new school where everyone spoke a language that I did not understand. For a young immigrant girl, America can be a challenging, confusing, and enriching place.

The first day of school I was afraid that I would not fit in with my new environment. I was put in the sixth grade, but four months later they moved me to the fifth grade. The decision by the school to move me to a lower grade caused me to feel a sense of humiliation and embarrassment. My peers would make fun of me because I was in the ESOL class, which stands for English for Speaker for Other Language; it's where children from other countries learned to speak English. The classes were also difficult because I did not understand what the teacher wanted me to do in class. She always placed me in a group so the other students could help me but I still did not understood what they were saying sometime. I spent time after school with the teacher because I felt that I was going to let my group fail. The teacher explains to me what I have to do and sometime she worked on the project with me. Every day I work very hard to improve my language skills and to better understand life as a middle schooler.

Everything was so confusing to me. I did not know that there are four different seasons. In Guyana there is...