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Earlier this year, over our summer vacation, I enjoyed quite a few parties and had my share of fun and adventures. However, of all the late night parties and adventures I became involved in, none will compare to the quest I became involved in on July 4th. Me and a group of my friends went to the Salem Fair at sometime around 9:00. At first Chase, one of the people with me, questioned even going to the fair because he thought it was going to rain. However, we went anyway and with no intention of riding any rides, but rather to find a party to go to for the night.

Well, as said, we went to the fair, and walked around for what seemed to be forever until finally we head a loud bang. We peered up towards the sky just in time to catch the first firework exploding in the air.

So, as the fireworks progressed, we started to leave while everyone else was still gazing towards the night sky, watching the spectacular firework display. However, by this point, we still had not found anywhere to go after the fair, and even worse, none of were driving at that point, so essentially, we were stranded. So, with nowhere to go at the moment, we sat at the gate and waited for people to leave, hoping we would see someone we knew on the way out. After waiting for about half an hour we decided that we'd be better off walking a few blocks to a friend's house.

So, we took off walking and about fifteen minutes later we arrived at out friend Chris' house, but it appeared to be something going on. There were about fifteen cars sitting in front of or around his house, and it...