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THE STORY OF POCAHONTAS The story of Pocahontas has several different angles. After viewing two versions, i concluded that there doesn't seem to be one story that everyone can agree on . Disney has one version, A&E has another version, and the Pawhatan tribe itself has another version. In each version, there are somethings which remain consistent, and then there are other things which are very different.

Disney's version of Pocahontas is perhaps he most incorrect version because it was not made for the sole perpoose. The purpose was, like with any Disney movie, to entertain a younger audience. This is very obviously shown when pocahontas talks to the tree for advice and the animals do silly comical things to keep the movie light. These types of things are necessary because no children are going to want to watch a documentary. Disney made this movie to be a children's movie.

While there are many parts in the movie that are fictional or exaggerated, there are still many points that are factual. It is necessary to change some things to keep the movie as interesting as possible because Disney is a company and their purpose is to make money.

One thing that is different about the Disney version and the A&E version is that in the Disney verision, John Smith is wounded by a gun shot fired by the captain. However, in the A&E version, he is injured when a spark from a pipe ignited his gunpowder and burned him. I believe the reason for Disney changing this is to make it more dramatic as a movie. The fact that John Smith is shot by his own leader, appeals more to the emotions of the audience. Another part of the plot which differs from the real story is that in...