The story of a pregnant teen and how it bettered her life.

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Jessi was a trouble maker in school always had some sort of problem with somebody. But there was a reason for this attitude. When she was just seven years old her parents bought a farm house for the four of them to live on after only 1 week her father took off on them with out even saying goodbye and of course being a child she blamed it on herself. Crying to god and begging him every day to bring him back to them. her mother went into a great depression never came out of her room except to go to work. She rapidly lost weight and gave up on everything for the next three years jessi was raised by her older sister. Their mom soon got into drugs. There was never any food for them and they hardly had clothes that fit them. In school Jessi had only one friend, Amber. They became very close and started raising hell together. The two of them began steeling form stores from there parents and from people in school. They hung out with older, much older boys. The boys were a huge influence on them they would do anything the boys told them to. One night jessi stayed at Ambers they decided to sneak out that might and go over to one of the boys house for a little get together when they got to his house there were only four people there. Jessi had drank a little much and wanted to go lay down so one of the boys brought her to his room, but he had different intentions than she did. He started to kiss her and she told him to stop. He wasn't listening. he kept taking articles of clothing off of her. She screamed but the music...