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Treacherous Terrain

As a resident of Florida, "The Sunshine State" I can vouch that my state does not always live up to the expectations for the nick name it was chosen to represent. Not only are Florida's meretriciously warm and sunny summer days part of its existence, but its days can often be filled with grave and horrifying thunderstorms. When these storms occur, natural disasters such as tornadoes and floods beyond belief rampage through our beautiful Floridian cities.

First of all, an estimated 47 tornadoes occur yearly in cities throughout Florida. In the summer time, (the months of June, July, August, and September), is when most of these uncontrollable forces of nature occur. I have had an eye witnessing encounter with a total of two tornadoes, one hurricane, and one flood in the 19 years that I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida. The first disasters I witnessed were the tornados.

The first one evolved in a pond in the back yard of the first house I lived in. I was only an eight year old child at the time, and I was staring out of my sliding glass door overlooking my back yard and pond when the tornado began to shape itself. I looked in amazement as a funnel shaped entity made of wind and water arose from the pond. Luckily, the tornado evaporated before it could make its way to land and cause any damage. On the other hand, my other encounter was not as pleasing as the first. This time, age 17 now, I was driving home from my morning computer class when I spotted the tornado. It had already transformed into its funnel form and it had connected with the ground. As I drove quickly to avoid the tornado, I noticed that it was tearing...