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Prof. F. Conn The Story of Us

The Story of Us, starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer, is the close and humorous examination of Ben and Katie Jordan's marriage. After 15 years, the couple is wrestling with a universal irony: why are the qualities that made them fall in love in the first place now the very things pulling them apart? So when the kids go off to summer camp, they face the most important decision of their married life, on whether to stay together and start a new chapter or end the story that they had built upon for 15 years.

An interesting issue that I found in this movie is the issue of change. When any person is thrust into a marriage, it is a big step for both individuals. For any marriage it is important for both spouses to accept change and to embrace it rather than rejecting it.

Katie (Michelle Pfeiffer) was "the designated driver of the marriage." She enjoyed having everything in its place, knowing that there are answers to the little questions and having a sense of closure. And this is why Katie fell in love with Ben's (Bruce Willis) imagination, spontaneity and playfulness. However as time passed on, Katie detested the very qualities she once fell in love with. On the other hand, Ben, a writer, is a true romantic who believes in happy endings and he is disappointed at the fact that Katie, who was once lively herself, had let that portion of her disappear. At this point in the marriage, we see both individuals growing impatient at each other because they can't accept each other's change. Ben wants Katie as the way she was, and Katie wants Ben to be a more responsible and less spontaneous person.