A Strange Day

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A Strange Day

Eli Vetcherebin

On the morning of this hot summer day John did not have the slightest idea of what he was going to do, although he had an idea of what his grandfather would have suggested. But, unfortunately for both John and the grandfather, John's grandfather passed away four years ago. So, as stated above, John had no idea what he was going to do on this hot summer day. In fact, John was not even aware of the fact that it was a hot summer day because today, John opened his eyes for the first time in three months. For all he knew, it was still snowy and stormy, as on the night of the accident.

At this point in time, John was not aware of many things. He was not aware of the fact that the accident left his fiancé dead. He was not aware of the fact that he was now in a different country.

If truth be told, John was not even aware of the fact that his name was John. The accident created a situation in which John simply could not grasp the seriousness of his situation at the present moment. He did not know that he had a collapsed lung and he did not know that both of his legs and his left arm were horribly mutilated. For all he knew, or could care about, he was simply a head; and a head that was not doing so badly either. He remembered what his father would say at times like these: "At least you didn't fall in love, son...Having a broken heart is worse then having purposefully broken every bone in your body!" The truth of the matter was that John has had his heart broken before and he could agree...