A Strange Medical Incident: What's Going on Here?

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A strange medical incident took place in a part of Louisiana that is known as the German Coast. The incident involved twin boys who were afflicted with a serious medical ailment. These boys remained sick and never seemed to get well. Sadly, their growth looked rather stunted as a result of their illness. Their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Octave La Branche, owned and operated a meat market that specialized in foods such as chorice, andouille, and tasso. However, this market did not seem to be the cause of the illness because it was well tended and very clean. The La Branches lived in an older house that was located across the street from the market. It was assumed that the twins were going to die from their illness. As a last resort, however, the La Branches asked the unlicensed "physician" who was living in the area to examine the twins.

When he arrived at the La Branches' house, the "physician" noted that the fence that surrounded the house was in disrepair. In addition, the yard was untidy: trash was strewn about. In the rear of the house, there were a multitude of dirty, smelly pens where the hogs were slaughtered for the market. The inside of the house was unkempt and dark, without any open windows. Additionally, dust, lint, and cobwebs were found throughout the house; dust bunnies were found under the furniture and beds. Furthermore, the house had an old, stale smell. Upon examination of the twins, the "physician" determined that they had a chronic asthma. The "physician" stated that only one treatment would save these boys. He emphasized that this was the only cure and that the failure to follow these instructions exactly would result in the death of the boys. In order to cure the...