A Strange Wedding script

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A Strange Wedding

Mrs. F-G: Well, I expect you must be very proud of your son, Fred. He sure is a lucky man to find a lovely daughter like mine.

Mrs. K: (Laughing) Oh of course! Fred is very fortunate. I can't believe he is so grown up now, it seems like yesterday I was just holding him in my arms and he was just a little baby. Time has gone by so fast. Anyway, they are such a wonderful couple, I mean, look at them. Even the vicar was lost for words as he was stunned by their beauty.

Mrs. F-G: Excuse me, the priest forgot his words because of your twins. Don't you remember? Your unmannerly children broke out into a loud, violent fight that interrupted the entire ceremony. I pretty am sure you are aware of that.

Mrs. K: I am sorry, did you just call my twins unmannerly? Kids are kids, what can you do? (Laughing embarrassed)

Mrs. F-G: Um. Perhaps control them? Discipline is key. Their unruly comments about my daughter and their constant fidgeting in this refined, grand ceremony are not appreciated at all. Disturbing the priest is not something to be proud of. It spoiled the occasion.

Mrs. K: Well, I am sorry it affected you so much. I enjoyed every single moment the ceremony, from the colours to the beaming smiles, my son looking so handsome and the match made in heaven, it was a joyous occasion.

Mrs. F-G: The bride did look gorgeous didn't she? She was wearing the family wedding dress, so she looked exceptionally good.

Mrs. K: (Surprised) It was her decision to wear that dress?

Mrs. F-G: Well, she didn't have much of a choice. This dress and this church is a part...