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Albert Camus is a novelist who has an extraordinary understanding of existentialism. His characters in many of his story show this same understanding. The Stranger is a great example of this way of thinking. The main character Meursault was an atheism who did not follow the social standard of having a religion or a belief in God. In this novel Albert Camus illustrates existentialism, emphasizing man's futile attempt to search for meaning of existence when there is no divine force guiding them; ultimately, he allows the main character Meursault to express the absurdity of the human nature. Through the death of his mother, the murder he commits and the trial.

Meursault, at the beginning of the book, received a letter that his mother had passed away. This occurrence did not seem to bother him emotionally sort of way. "Maman died today or yesterday maybe, I don't know. I got a telegram from the home, 'Mother deceased funeral tomorrow.

Faithfully yours.' That doesn't mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday" (Quote 17 primary). His way of dealing with this situation is quite unique. Most people who would show sadness and pain. Meursault, in comparison, did not show almost any kind of emotion. He just reacted to the letter as if it was an ordinary letter. "Meursault does not exist; he merely reacts to the impulses he receives" (Quote 3 secondary). He received the letter and just reacted to what he read. Meursault did not have a bit of expression that showed and sort of feeling and so exhibited this behavior at his mother's funeral.

Merusault arrived to his mother's retirement home where the vigil and funeral was held. He was welcomed by the director the retirement home. He took Meursault to the mortuary of where his mother was held.