Strategic Analysis and Selection of Information Systems

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The restructuring of a company's information systems is an involved process-one which must not be taken lightly. In order to ease the transition from an old information system to a more up to date system, companies will oftentimes hire consulting firms. These firms assess a company's present IT capabilities and also evaluate the company's aim, such as its desired end product or service. Based on these two factors, consulting firms help a company find other firms which will provide all of the necessary software and hardware to develop new IT systems which are tailored for a company's needs. Through an assessment of the services provided by Edutech International and Social Entrepreneurs Inc., two such consulting firms, one will better understand the value of such organizations and their capabilities in coordinating appropriate IT systems.

Edutech is a consulting firm that specifically services education organizations, such as universities. Its mission statement is to "provide management consulting, technical services and support, and publications to institutions of higher education."

Edutech completes its mission without any affiliation with specific companies which provide software or hardware. Therefore, customer organizations are sure that they are receiving the best quality of advice that will ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness-rather than advice that is tailored merely to help a particular product or service sell. Specifically, Edutech provides many individual services. Some of the firm's many functions include assistance on contract negotiations for major software purchases, assessment of risk, development of IT budgets, and the provision of advice on IT programs.

Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. provides similar services. The firm's mission is to build "strong management and operating systems within nonprofit and public organizations" and "to improve the lives of people by helping organizations realize their potential." Social Entrepreneurs divides its available services into three categories: strategic development, organizational development, and...